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How much food should I give my dog? How many times a day?

In each Natsbi pack you will find a table of recommended portions depending on the weight of your dog and their daily activity. “Little exercise” means 1 hour of walking a day, instead, “moderate activity” means 1 to 3 hours of activity. You can easily portion the content inside the pack pressing lightly with the fingers from the outside of the pack. It is better to distribute their daily ration in 2 meals, as well as a gradual transition from the previous food is also recommended. So, at the beginning, one of the two meals will be Natsbi, and the other one will be their previous food.

How can I keep this food?

They can be stored outside the refrigerator. As they are hermetically sealed and have undergone a controlled thermal process that prevents any possibility of microbial proliferation inside, they don’t need cold for their conservation. Once opened, they should be treated like any other meat and stored in the refrigerator for a period that doesn’t exceed three days.

How is it served?

There is no need to cook or heat it up, just opening the pack and pouring it on the plate will be enough. Easy as that. We recommend distributing the food with the help of a fork so the dog enjoys it even more. When opening the pack you will notice that part of the fat is accumulated in the outer layer of the product. If you shred the piece by distributing this fat throughout the ration, the taste experience will be enhanced.

How to change their regular diet to Natsbi?

Dogs are very sensitive to changes in their diet, because their bacterial flora is not as varied as ours. For this reason, this transition should be done gradually to avoid digestive problems. Here you have very easy guidelines to follow for a complete transition in a week. Days 1 and 2: 25% Natsbi 75% old food
Days 3 and 4: 50% Natsbi 50% old food
Days 5 and 6: 75% Natsbi 25% old food
Day 7: 100% Natsbi.

Why is this transition necessary?

Each animal has specific intestinal flora depending on their diet and the nutrients that compose it, and this bacterial flora is very sensitive to sudden changes that can cause an imbalance with increased mild flatulence and diarrhea. This is because different microorganisms are needed for the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The high percentages of fresh meat and fish from Natsbi food and the low proportion of carbohydrates require a week for transitioning to avoid gastrointestinal problems.

Can I treat my dog with this diet?

Of course! But paying special attention to the composition of the snacks. When dogs are fed with Natsbi, their diet is based on natural minimally processed ingredients. We should avoid industrial snacks, made up of by-products and complemented with preservatives and chemical additives. Our recommendation is GOSBITS snacks, made up of 70% fresh meat or fish, without additives, to keep the integrity of the natural diet and not breaking up this nutritional efficiency.

How to take care of their dental health?

Dental plaque and tartar are produced as a result of the crystallization of mineral salts from saliva and from the deposit of food debris and germs in the teeth. A nutritious and balanced diet, along with an adequate dental hygiene is the best way to prevent the appearance of dental plaque. The specific toys for dental cleaning made with natural rubber are a good option to clean up the leftover food. Also, GOSBITS Dental snacks will help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, maintaining the integrity of natural food in their diet since they’re 100% natural.

How much does it cost to feed my dog with Natsbi?

With Natsbi you will feed your dog a natural diet, elaborated with gastronomic techniques and with a very high percentage of meat (85-90%) for a lower price than you expect.

Depending on your dog's size, this is the daily cost of feeding your dog with Natsbi.

These calculations are an estimation, the amount of food must be adjusted in each case to the needs and level of physical activity of the dog.

Why are individual units not sold on the web?

Natsbi is a complete food that contains all the nutrients a dog needs. It is designed to be your only food and a daily gastronomic experience. To facilitate dosing, it is presented in 200/500 gram containers and in boxes to facilitate weekly or monthly purchases and minimize the impact of transport and its ecological footprint. You can always buy individual units at our physical points of sale, which you can check out here.

Natsbi reduces the risk of stomach torsion

Large and giant breeds have anatomical characteristics that predispose them to gastric torsion. Breeds such as the Great Dane, the Weimaraner, the Saint Bernard and the German Shepherd have deep chests and are therefore more prone to stomach torsion, which is usually caused by sudden movements on a full stomach. Due to its texture and nutritional density, Natsbi reduces the weight and volume of the food eaten, reducing the risk of the dreaded torsion of the stomach.

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