Why choose Natsbi

Health and life

We must know about the terrible consequences of a bad diet. If it is prolonged over time, it can cause chronic diseases and a significant reduction of life expectancy.

Our desire is to offer natural food of the highest quality that keeps you calm about your dog’s health in the long run.

Natsbi is a synonym to health and life. Recipes committed to your dog’s nutritional needs while respecting their carnivorous nature. Minimally processed steamed ingredients, with no additives or artificial preservatives.

90% fresh meat

Natsbi recipes have a much higher quantity of meat and fish than most wet foods. It can be between 85-90% depending on the recipe.

This means that there is a high protein content of great biological value, with all the essential amino acids a dog needs for a good nutrition and a balanced intake of highly palatable and easily digestible fats.

Steamed for maximum nutrition

With this technique, the vapors that rise when the liquid boils, cook the food slowly, without the dilution of nutrients, since they don’t get in touch with water. This keeps nutrients present in the ingredients in a higher manner compared with other coking techniques.

Natsbi vs BARF diet

The safest and easiest is feeding Natsbi

BARF diet suggests that dogs follow a diet as similar as possible to the one their wild ancestors had, setting the base of their diet on raw food, which is mainly meat, offal, bones, fruits, and vegetables.

It is certainly an upward trend, but very controversial as it has very little scientific support and can imply risks for the health of dogs due to nutritional and food safety reasons.

For the ones who want to give the best food for their dogs, bearing in mind their carnivorous nature and that don’t trust the industrial processes in the kibble manufacturing, Natsbi is the best alternative.

  • Recipes ranging from 85% to 90% of fresh meat or fish This high percentage of minimally processed meat is the best way to provide a complete and safe carnivorous diet. Also, since it’s steamed without any added water, it is much more digestible than raw meat.
  • Supplemented with all the vitamins and trace elements needed for a complete nutrition Unlike the BARF diet, feeding Natsbi means not worrying about adding nutritional supplements to their diet, as Natsbi food includes all the necessary nutrients for a correct nutrition, all the vitamins and minerals that the recipe’s ingredients don’t have, and that the dog’s organism needs for a healthy life.
  • Thermic treatment that ensures security Natsbi’s food safety is granted as steaming guarantees all the flavor of fresh meat, eliminating the danger that raw meat can imply due to bacterial contamination. Unlike the thermic treatment that happens when the food is steamed, freezing doesn’t guarantee the elimination of bacteria, as it only disables them momentarily. Once thawed they can activate again, multiply and produce diseases once ingested as raw food.

Gosbi’s know-how

We aren’t popping up from nowhere, in Natsbi we have the experience and the know-how from Gosbi. There are many years of experience to the service of this project to elaborate the healthiest and most natural food possible, with 85 – 90% of minimally processed, fresh meat, steamed for a maximum nutrition.

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